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Soothing Toning Face Lotion 200ml

13.330 OMR

SKU: 00081988

A soothing plant-based, colorant- and alcohol-free face toner—with Purple Coneflower and Organic Chamomile extracts*—that gently tones and hydrates very dry and sensitive skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and incredibly comfortable. Formulated with our exclusive Microbiote Complex of nourishing, marine-based prebiome and Organic Saffron Flower* polyphenols that respects, protects, and balance the skin’s natural microbiota—the normal levels of bacteria in healthy skin—while removing every last trace of cleanser for a clear, healthy-looking complexion.

This soothing face toner refreshes the senses with the fruity-floral notes of Lemon, Cardamom, Freesia, Magnolia, Peony, Apricot, and White Musk. Dermatologist-tested.

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Skin type: Dry
Texture: Lotion
Use: Apply to face after cleansing, morning and evening.


- Tones and hydrates very dry or sensitive skin
- Removes every last trace of cleanser
- Leaves skin soft, smooth, and incredibly comfortable
- Balances the skin's microbiota

Innovation and plant expertise:

Everyday stressors like harsh cleansers, pollution, temperature swings, humidity, and UV rays can disturb the healthy levels of bacteria in your skin. Our Microbiote Complex of nourishing, marine-based prebiome—including sea water, Chlorella, and Kelp extracts—and Saffron Flower polyphenols restores balance to these microbiota for comfortable, healthy-looking skin.

Clarins Plus
Our refreshing toners are colorant- and alcohol-free, and formulated with targeted plant extracts for each skin type and concern.Featuring new eco-friendly packaging with a lightweight bottle, a cap that contains 32% less plastic than the previous design, and is 100% recyclable.