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Absolute Silk Cleansing Milk 150ml

42.000 OMR

SKU: 00076960

A silky wipe‑off cleansing milk that gently removes make‑up and oil‑based impurities with the gentle touch of a silk cloth, leaving the skin fresh and supple.

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Cleansing Mechanism
Designed for cleansing and moisturising, this emulsified formula is composed of plant‑based oils that are evenly dispersed within a network of starch‑derived thickeners valued for its cushioning properties. Applied with a cotton pad or hands, the silky‑rich texture glides on as the oils melt at skin temperature, spreading smoothly like the gentle touch of a silk cloth, lifting away make‑up and impurities with minimal friction.

Skin Finish
Respective of the skin’s outermost layer, the indulgent milky formula with a blend of squalane, jojoba seed oil and olive oil leave the skin comforted with replenishing moisture and silky‑soft to the touch. Enveloped in a smooth veil of hydration, bare skin feels smooth and supple at first, as if treated with skincare, then glows with luminosity.

Our Commitment to Sustainability
This product is part of SENSAI’s Japanese Sustainable Luxury initiative, which is SENSAI’s way to pay further respect to nature and its resources as well as our future.

The bottle is made of chemically recycled PET.
The outer carton, which is made of FSC certified material, partially contains bagasse, a non‑wood fibrous material that is recycled from sugarcane waste.
Perilla Leaf Extract is derived from aromatic herbs grown in recycling‑oriented farms.
Squalane is a highly purified oil extracted from sugarcane.