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Black Aoud Eau de Parfum 100ml

42.500 OMR

SKU: 00079154

Black Aoud is a dramatic fragrance – but don't confuse that with overly strong. It's medium bodied and very rich, a bubbling potion of velvety rose and the old leather feel of labdanum, mixed with mystical oud tree oils. It's a rare journey somewhere where you've probably never been and will beg to return to… all it takes is a little whiff of this amazing, rare elixir. If you seek a deeply incensed rose and sandalwood fragrance, one that would have scented the brightly dyed pillows of a harem, you need look no further.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes- Floral

Middle Notes- Labdanum, Tangerine, Musk

Base Notes-, Patchouli, Agar Wood, Rose