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Body Partner Stretch Mark Expert 175ml

29.200 OMR

SKU: 56646

A high-tolerance cream with a silky lightweight formula to help prevent stretch marks and reduce their appearance through weight changes (mainly during pregnancy and puberty). This pro formula is a combination of active ingredients that help improve elasticity and firmness whilst soothing your skin. Developed with minimal ingredients, it stays perfectly preserved in its protective packaging.

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What it is
A gentle stretch mark cream that addresses stretch marks caused by pregnancy and weight fluctuations and soothes skin.

What it does
Clarins’ exclusive Crowberry extract in this Stretch Mark cream helps prevent stretch marks resulting from pregnancy, puberty or weight fluctuation. It enhances the production of collagen fibres to boost skin elasticity and resistance to future stretch marks.
Skin is tighter, clearer, and smoother. Keeps your skin looking flawless even when it is most at risk of stretching and it scares you – you should always consider the help of a good stretch mark cream!
The moisturising agents soothe dry patches and nurture the body, creating smoother, more resistant and elastic skin on targeted areas in weeks only. An important part of your body care routine during those sensitive periods in your life.

What it is formulated to do
• Centella Asiatica: A molecule extracted from Centella asiatica (gotu kola) called asiaticoside is blended with organic green banana extract to help stop new stretch marks from forming and visibly reduce their appearance of four levels: (length + width + depth + colour).
• Banana: Combined with asiaticoside from Madagascan Centella asiatica (gotu kola), its organic extract helps stop new stretch marks from forming and visibly reduces their appearance on four levels: (length + width + depth + colour).
• Hazelnut: The oil has nourishing properties.
What it is formulated without
Fragrance-free, Synthetic-free

What else you need to know
A new and improved plant-powered 'Mum-Friendly' formula!
This fast-absorbing, plant-based formula blended with minimal ingredients chosen precisely for their highly effective properties helps target stretch marks and gently comforts the skin.
• Cleanses skin of impurities
• Smooths and refines the skin's texture
• Fresh luminous complexion

Protective Packaging. New Sensoriality.
The nourishing cream is housed in an airless tube to preserve the formula, and the built-in pump allows for an easy, convenient application. The ultra-sensorial cocooning texture glides on and melts into the skin for a finish that feels lightweight and comfortable.

Research results
• 90%* women say their skin is more elastic and they feel better about their bodies.
• 86%** After 3 months of use, new stretch marks are less pink
• 82%** Old stretch marks are less white
• 81%** Stretch marks are less deep
*Consumer test – 73 pregnant women – 1 month after application
** Consumer test - 75 new mothers - 3 months