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Cellular Performance Lift Remodelling Eye Cream 15ml

85.500 OMR

SKU: 00034429

A highly effective cream with an ergonomic massager that enhances firmness and blood flow around the eye for a brighter, plumper appearance.

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The eye area often reveals the early signs of ageing. But targeting lines and wrinkles isn’t always enough: it’s the condition of the skin around the inner eye area that truly influences the overall facial appearance. Dark triangles – the shadowy area from the inner eye to the cheek – are caused by the hollowness and lack of volume that comes with ageing, as well as deteriorating microcirculation in the skin around the eye area. LIFT REMODELLING EYE CREAM was developed to diminish their negative appearance, helping plump up the skin and boost microcirculation when used with the accompanying ergonomic massager.


How to Apply
Apply mornings and/or evenings after emulsion or cream, using the massager for best results. Massage the face after applying LIFT REMODELLING EYE CREAM to improve penetration of the ingredients, counter sagging and replenish the loss of facial volume.

STEP 1: Application techniques with fingers
Apply an appropriate amount around the eyes.
Massage the upper and lower eyelids several times with fingertips.
Massage with a back‑and‑forth motion several times around the inner corner of the eyes.

STEP 2: Application techniques with Remodelling Eye Massager
After the application techniques with fingers
Using side A massage the upper and lower eyelid several times at the inner corner, then glide the Massager down the side of the nose.
Using side B apply pressure to several points around the eyes.