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Colours Blooming Blush

25.800 OMR
: 01 Blooming Mauve

SKU: 00052796

A duet of sheer blendable colours for a customisable lit‑from‑within blush. Reveal your unique beauty with a complexion that blooms with colour and silky luminosity.

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This complexion-enhancing blush is characteristic for its duet of silky sheer colour and customisable radiance. The coloured powder blends easily and evenly to give the complexion a naturally blushed and lit-from-within look, while the complementary white powder allows for customisable glow. From a naturally gentle glow to a luminescent finish like that of Koishimaru Silk, achieve different looks for different occasions. With luminosity in your hands, create a complexion that reveals your unique beauty.

How to Apply
Apply along the cheekbone.