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Comforting Barrier Mask 60ml

78.380 OMR

SKU: 00074412

This cream mask for fragile skin approaches dryness, redness and roughness. By nurturing a healthy skin barrier, enjoy supple, soft and resilient SILK SKIN.

Apply mornings and evenings at the end of your usual skincare routine.

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A gentle and simple approach for fragile skin
SENSAI’s Layering Barrier Care employs an approach that is not only gentle but also efficient. Simply applied at the end of your usual skincare routine, it improves skin’s natural ability to retain moisture. This conditions skin to help defend itself against dryness, redness and roughness.

Layering Barrier Formulation
Every application is an invitation to SILK SKIN. Its creamy texture easily melts on touch to replenish moisture.

How to Apply
Use the supplied spatula to take an appropriate amount onto your hand, and then apply gently all over the face as the last step of your usual skincare routine.
Can be layered on the area that is especially dry.
The product can also be applied in the morning.