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Drop D’Issey Eau de Parfum

60.000 OMR
: 90 ML

SKU: 00066354

A drop d'Issey Eau de Parfum is a solar enveloping fragrance for women.

It reveals the scent of an uncatchable flower, the lilac, whose scent cannot be extracted from the flower in nature and was recomposed for the first time by perfumer Ane Ayo. How? By using green chemistry to make the most of highly innovative techniques while protecting actual lilacs since the flowers do not need to be harvested. It is nature, recreated by the human hand.

In the top notes, Damask rose adds a pure, sheer floral facet. In the heart of the fragrance, lilac is enhanced by a note of ethically sourced orange blossom and an almond milk accord. In the base notes, a musky accord meets upcycled cedarwood and vanillin to complete the olfactory trail.

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Top Notes : Almond Milk Accord

Heart Notes : Solar Lilac Accord

Base Notes : Musky Note