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ELENYA black Extrait de Parfum 50ml

102.580 OMR

SKU: 00075474

ELENYA black, associated with the dark blue starry night sky and the Dragon constellation expresses timeless elegance and dignity, yet it is full of mysticism and a deep secret. ELENYA black is a warm, spicy oriental scent.

Olibanum Frankincense combined with Pink Pepper, beguiling Ylang and Bergamot define the top note. Smoky-resinous Black Amber, the warm scent of Cloves and earthy Cyprid are rounded off by harmonizing Orris to form the heart note. The Ambra-line Balsamic and caramelizing Labdanum base note is underlinded with Patchouli, Ambre and Tonka.

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Top: Olibanum, Ylang Ylang, Pink Pepper, Bergamot

Heart: Clove, Orris, Cypriol, Black Amber

Base: Patchouly, Labdanum absolute, Ambre, Tonka

Essential oils:

Clove leave oil 0.3%, Cinnamon oil 0.3%, Olibanum Resinoide 0.3%,
Labdanum absolute 0.3%, Cypriol o.5%, Benzoe Siam Resinoide 0.5%, Pink
Pepper 0.5%, Ylang Ylang oil 0.5%, Sandalwood oil New Caledonia 0.7%,
Olibanum oil 2%, Natural Patchouly alcohol 4.5%, Patchouly oil 8.5 %,
Bergamot oil 1.3%