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ELENYA gold Extrait de Parfum 50ml

102.580 OMR

SKU: 00075472

Symbolically, gold represents only the best. This precious metal has been the chosen metal of gods and kings since early times. The fragrance ELENYA gold signifying shining light, delivers light, the warmth of the sun and beauty ELENYA gold is an oriental floral composition that opens with notes of Black Orchid and Sicilian Bergamot.

White Lemon Blossoms and a drop of Cardamon accompany this combination, accented by notes of Sandalwood and Coconut, embedded in precious Iris Blossom, rounded and deepened by Vetiver.

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Top: black Orchid in combination with Sicilian Bergamot, ensnared by white

Lemonblossoms and a drop of Cardamon

Heart: sensual milkforam, white woods (sandal) Monoi (Coconutoil) embedded in precious Iris

Base: Sandalwood, Moschus, cosmetic Vetiver, Lemonwood, Coconut

Essential oils:

Bergamot oil 1%, Cardamom oil 0.4%, Cypriol oil 0.2%, Labdanum absolute

0.1%, Iris absolute 0.12%, Sandalwood oil from New Caledonia 0.12%,

Styrax resinoid 0.2%, Vetiver oil 0.3 %