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Free Eau de Toilette 100ml

28.500 OMR

SKU: 00056844

The Calvin Klein CK Free Eau de Toilette incorporates freeing, lasting scents with luscious, light overtones for an overall elegant finish. A dynamic scent inspired by the luxury of freedom, the crisp, dense layers contrast with the intense, peppery base to generate a representation of opposites and difference, relating to ideas of ambition, scope and dreams. Opening on Costa Rican Ironwood and Oakwood, with Absinthe, Jackfruit, Coffee and Star Anise top notes, the final effect of the fragrance is a rich, oriental mix subtly delivering hints of extreme nobility and benevolence.

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Top notes : Star anise, Absinthe, Jackfruit, Juniperberry

Heart notes : Suede, Tobacco leaves, Buchu leaves, Coffee

Base notes : Cedarwood (Texas), Ironwood (hornbeam), Oak, Patchouli