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Hydra-Essentiel Bi-phase Serum 30ml

27.620 OMR

SKU: 00081966

This bi-phase serum has a duo hydric and lipidic texture that provides intense hydration.

At the heart of its formula is the [HYALURONIC POWER COMPLEX +], a duo of hyaluronic acids with organic leaf of life extract, which provides continuous, multi-level and long-lasting hydration. The organic leaf of life extract + hyaluronic acid help to intensely hydrate and plump the skin. Acetylated hyaluronic acid, the formula’s standout ingredient, provides intense hydration. 

The formula is also enriched with saffron flower polyphenols to help balance the microbiota and organic strawberry tree extract to regulate sebum. It helps refine skin texture and tighten pores. It balances the skin* and improves its quality.

Skin radiates with beauty after each use. The silky and non-greasy formula absorbs easily and nourishes the skin. For all skin types.

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Skin Type: Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily
Texture: Serum
Use: Every day, morning and night.


- Instant and long-lasting skin hydration
- Plumped skin
- Strengthened skin barrier
- Improves skin quality

Innovation and plant expertise:

[HYALURONIC POWER COMPLEX +] Clarins combines low molecular weight hyaluronic acid with acetylated hyaluronic acid. As the standout ingredient of this formula, it intensely hydrates thanks to a 13-times-longer lifespan compared to classic hyaluronic acid.*
*in vitro test on the ingredient

Clarins Plus
A bi-phase texture inspired by the dual hydric and lipidic nature of the skin. This unique* active texture reinforces the skin's hydrolipidic film, limiting excessive water loss. *at Clarins