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Hydrating Multi-Protection Mist 75ml

13.290 OMR

SKU: 00074038

Super-hydrating face mist that leaves skin radiant, plump, and protected from the effects of environmental stressors.

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What it is
A fine, lightweight, hydrating face mist formulated with 98% natural ingredients that moisturizes, refreshes, and protects skin from dehydration and discomfort caused by environmental stressors. This refreshing, on-the-go mist contains Clarins' Multi-Hydrating Complex—a super-quenching blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Leaf of Life extract, and Organic Houseleek extract sourced from Le Domaine Clarins, our farm in the French Alps—that leaves skin plump, radiant, and perfectly hydrated. Organic Cornflower extract softens, soothes, and smoothes.

The multi-protection formula helps shield skin from the damaging and aging effects of daily thermal shocks—sudden temperature changes caused by humidity, air-conditioning, and central heating—and contains Clarins' plant-based Anti-Pollution Complex to help minimize damage from environmental pollution that leads to premature signs of aging, including blue lights from electronics.

Skin type: Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily
Texture: Spray
Use: Apply to clean skin, before or after your skincare routine; or over makeup for a dewy finish. Reapply throughout the day as desired.

Hydrates, refreshes, and protects skin from environmental stressors
Leaves skin plump, radiant, and perfectly hydrated
Clarins’ plant-based Anti-Pollution Complex helps protect skin from indoor and outdoor pollutants
Can be used before or after makeup application, and any time of day for dewy-fresh skin

Innovation and plant expertise
Our Multi-Hydrating Complex contains super-quenching Organic Leaf of Life and Organic Houseleek extracts that leave skin plump, radiant and perfectly hydrated; and Hyaluronic Acid that draws moisture to the skin, then seals it in for hours of continuous hydration.

Clarins Plus
This fine, double-action mist can be used to hydrate the skin before applying makeup, or over makeup as a final touch, and any time of the day for soft, radiant, dewy-fresh skin. The perfect complement to your daily skincare routine.