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Lift Focus Essence 40ml

90.400 OMR

SKU: 00076136

This silky essence applied with the original massage method instantly tightens and lifts the contours, leading to visible resilience and radiance.

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Uplifting Experience
LIFT FOCUS ESSENCE surges for a lifting and firming effect when applied using our original massage method. Designed to elevate your look, the silky essence glides on bearing perfect affinity with skin while the methodical steps of the original massage method help visibly redefine facial dimensions. Enjoy a visibly lifted look and a lift in confidence.

Tight Wrapping Formula
The key to a youthful look is in the capacity to have a wide range of facial expressions, which requires skin to have the capacity to both tighten and stretch. Tight Wrapping Formula combines a highly adhesive moisturising agent with stretchable polymers to reinstate suppleness and resilience. When massaged onto skin, the stretchable polymers spread evenly, creating an imperceptible stretchable film that adheres comfortably. Its unique property with a highly moisturising and rich texture helps the skin’s network to behave like youthful looking skin.

Our Commitment to Sustainability
This product is part of SENSAI’s Japanese Sustainable Luxury initiative, which is SENSAI’s way to pay further respect to nature and its resources as well as our future.

The container is made partially of recycled post‑consumer glass.​
The outer carton, which is made of FSC certified material, partially contains bagasse, a non‑wood fibrous material that is recycled from sugarcane waste.
Perilla Leaf Extract is derived from aromatic herbs grown in recycling‑oriented farms.