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Melty Rich Eye Cream - Refill 15ml

57.200 OMR

SKU: 00069407

A pearly‑rich cream that replenishes skin surrounding the eye area with warmness that awakens the eyes with a fresh, wide‑open look. Available only as refill for TOTAL EYE TREATMENT.

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Formulated with Total Eye Complex and Hydro Optimiser Complex, this cream eases the look of puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles to restore a visible firmness.

How to Apply
In the morning, as the final step of your skincare routine, apply an appropriate amount around your eyes according to the massage technique.​ (0.1mL)​
In the evening, apply SENSAI REFRESHING EYE ESSENCE and then apply SENSAI MELTY RICH EYE CREAM. (0.2mL)​

Use the supplied spatula to take an appropriate amount onto your hand, and then place the cream on three points: above your eyebrows, upper eye lids, and lower eye lids. Gently smoothen out.

With three fingers (index finger, middle finger and ring finger), massage in a circular motion as shown in the illustration. Starting from area A, lightly apply pressure to the same points. Repeat the same procedure on areas B to F. Perform this simultaneously on the right and left sides.​