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Ombre Leather Parfum

66.440 OMR
: 50 ML

SKU: 00075122

Building on the untethered, tactile sensuality of the original scent, Ombre Leather Parfum intensifies the distinctly rich, luxurious leather signature with surprising new additions. Violet leaf absolute orpur breathes a powerful, intensely green air, giving way to the elegant, woody sensuality of cedarwood.

Harvested before the monsoon season to produce an elevated extract, jasmine sambac absolute India orpur offers an intense, fruity floral facet recalling honeysuckle. Deep leathery and woody notes laced with green tobacco undercut the floralcy, stoking a creamy sensuality while a double concentration of orris heart pulses beneath, releasing a captivating, addictive pull.

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TOP NOTES : Violet Leaf and Cedar;
HEART NOTES : Jasmine Sambac and Orris
BASE NOTES : Leather, Woody Notes and Tobacco.