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Palo Santo & Oud Luxury Reed Diffuser 200ml

13.330 OMR

SKU: 80747

Air freshener 200 ml together 6 sticks from DKNY brand with a scent of Blue Santo and Oud. It has a luxurious shape to suit the décor of the place where it is placed.It will become one of your distinctive scents where you can enjoy elegance.

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Formulated with luxurious essential oils.

Essential oil comes in a stylish bottle and should be stored away from sunlight when not in use.

How to use:
5 to 3 sticks are placed in the aroma when used for the first time.
The sticks are increased for a stronger scent, It is preferable to turn the sticks on a daily basis to spread the smell better.

‎Length 8cm - Width 12.5cm‎
Color: Grey
Sets: Single