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Premium Cleansing Set - Sensitive Skin

24.480 OMR

SKU: 00076858

Cleansed, soothed & toned skin.

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What is it?
Sensitive skin has its very own personalised routine. First, an exfoliating foam that gently cleanses the skin thanks to the combination of Clarins Gentle Complex infused with Alpine Herbs and tamarind pulp acids. Then, our soothing tonic lotion with organic camomile and saffron flower extracts to rebalance the skin. Finally, a soothing and hydrating emulsion. Skin is cleaner, softer, and more luminous. Feelings of tightness and redness are immediately soothed. The complexion is radiant.

This set contains:

Soothing Toning Lotion
A toning lotion that helps to rebalance very dry or sensitive skin for a hydrated and beautiful complexion.
200 ml

Gentle Renewing Cleansing Mousse
Foaming cleansing mousse with a gently exfoliating, rinse-off formula.
150 ml

Calm Essential Soothing Emulsion 10ml
Deeply hydrating skin care that soothes sensitive and weakened skin.
1 item

Purse Cleansing
Cute Clarins Pouch
1 item

What makes it so special?
Cleanses & exfoliates
Soothes & Hydrates