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Signorina Libera Eau de Parfum

47.430 OMR
: 100 ML

SKU: 76164

Signorina Libera Eau de Parfum by Ferragamo: Freedom, Femininity and Joy Discover Signorina Libera Eau de Parfum by Ferragamo, the authentic expression of the woman who resides in you and in all the women around you. This unique fragrance represents freedom, femininity and sisterly bond, combining contemporary notes and inspiring dreams. Be authentic, follow your own path and embrace the positive values of joy and togetherness.

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Signorina Libera expresses initial intrigue with an energetic juicy and spicy top, while the heart brings the depth and allure from the rich orris, rose and addicting pink sugar. A musky bold back adds a bit of sensuality, but true signature to ensure she stands out from the crowd.