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Super Restorative Balm For Abdomen and Waist 200ml

23.200 OMR 38.670 OMR

SKU: 76856

The balm that sculpts and helps redefine areas prone to sagging, especially for women over 50.

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What it is
This balm targets sagging and helps to redefine the stomach and waist to give them shape. Because women's bodies change from the age of 50 onwards, a suitable reshaping product is needed. Organic cryptomeria extract, an active ingredient derived from gemmotherapy, has shown its effectiveness in anti-lipogenesis action targeted on the storage and distribution of fat. It helps to reduce excess 11ß-HSD1 enzyme – the protein responsible for abdominal storage – during menopause. Formula with 94% natural ingredients.

Skin type: Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily
Texture: Balm
Use: Every day, morning and night.

Slimmed, sculpted and toned waist.
Toned figure.
Intensely moisturised, supple and firm skin.

Innovation and plant expertise
Organic cryptomeria extract is derived from the buds of Japanese Cedar. These buds contain all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that enable the plants to grow and regenerate. The essence of nature concentrated in the Super Restorative Balm For Abdomen and Waist.