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The Original Brow Kit

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: Soft Brown

SKU: 81270

The Original Brow Kit: 25 Years of Perfect Brows brings together five ABH essentials needed to create your perfect eyebrows, all housed in a sleek branded makeup bag. This complete, travel-friendly set features ABH’s patented Stencils, Brow Powder Duo, Brush 7B, Precision Tweezers, and Deluxe Mini Clear Brow Gel, and makes it easy to achieve your perfect brow shape based on your natural features.

"One brow does not fit all. This is the entire foundation of Anastasia Beverly Hills. I developed my signature eyebrow-shaping method based on the golden ratio to tailor the shape of the eyebrow to each individual’s face and unique bone structure. In just three steps, your personalized brows will outlast any trend."

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Brow Powder Duo
● Compact includes two shades that allow you to perfect the ombré brow technique OR customize your brow shade
● Easy-to-apply, finely milled formula delivers buildable intensity and seamless blending
● Smooth, velvety texture allows the product to adhere to the skin with ease
● Includes a mirror for on-the-go touch-ups
● Vegan, Cruelty-Free

Brush 7B
● Ideal for applying and blending Brow Powder Duo for a smooth application
● Soft, synthetic fibers form a superfine edge that lets you fill and define brows with precision
● Has the ideal height and width to perfectly fit into the brow, letting you create hairlike strokes
● Brush easily defines brow arches with powder or emollient-based products while the custom spoolie softens and blends product for a natural-looking finish
● Vegan, Cruelty-Free

Mini Clear Brow Gel
● Features a lightweight, colorless formula that delivers flexible hold that lasts
● Formula holds hairs in place without a stiff feel
● Dries down completely clear without leaving any residue
● Soothing chamomile conditions hair while hyaluronic acid hydrates and creates a plumping effect
● Cruelty-free and vegan

Precision Tweezers

● The precise tip is designed to perfectly grab and pull out hairs by the root and remove even the shortest of brow hairs
● The tapered blade with a slanted tip provides for expert hair removal
● Perfect tension maintains bounce-back for control
● Durable stainless-steel blade stays sharp
● Cruelty-free

● Choose from among the 5 Stencil shapes to find the right shape for your brow look
● Immediately takes the guesswork out of finding your perfectly balanced brow and expertly enhances and perfects brow shape
● Features a straight black bar on the top to help you keep the Stencil parallel during application
● The flexible plastic hugs the brow bone for easy use during application
● Cruelty-free


Inspired by the ancient principles of Divine Proportion, Anastasia’s patented Golden Ratio® Eyebrow Shaping Method works to enhance and accentuate facial features by using key points of the face to accurately measure where an individual’s brows should begin, end, and arch.

Use Brow Powder Duo and Brush 7B to mark your Golden Ratio points. First, align your Brush7B
vertically from the center of the nostril upward. Mark the starting point of your brow.

Place your Brush7B on the bottom outside corner of the nostril and align it with the outside corner of the eye. Mark the ending point of the brow.

III. HIGHEST POINT OF BROW (ARCH) Looking straight ahead, place your Brush7B on the center of the tip of your nose, align it with the center of your iris and mark the arch of the brow.

Having marked the three points of the Golden Ratio® on your brow, hold up each Stencil to your brow, aligning the Stencil’s guide marks with the three points you marked. Make sure the Stencil you select fits your brow length from the front of your brow (Point I) to the arch (Point III). The correct Stencil shape for you is the one that allows the most of your natural brow hair through the cutout, without leaving too much exposed skin.

Line up your chosen Stencil with your Golden Ratio® marks. Pick up Brow Powder Duo with Brush 7B and fill the inside of the Stencil. Once filled, remove the Stencil and use the spoolie end of Brush 7B to blend.PRO TIP: Before filling in your Stencil, make sure the black bar along the top of the Stencil is parallel with the floor.
Finish by brushing Mini Clear Brow Gel through the brow in short, upward motions.